MYP Questions (Period 1)

Big Question 1: What is light?

Inquiry questions:

Factual: What are the elements that form light?

Conceptual: Has light helped overcome the problem of poverty in the world?

Debatable: Could we live without artificial light?


Evaluaciones 1er semestre


Units to be covered: 

Nº1 What’s light and Nº3 How can we tell what’s right?

1.- PT 23 March: Integrated Skills Test based on Unit 1: What is light?

2.- PT 11 April: Trinity Reading and Writing:

3.- ED 25 April: “Science Experiment”

4.- ED 18 May: “Joomag project based on the novel”.

5.- PT 21 June: Integrated Skills Test Trinity format:

6.- ED 8 June: “Project based on the Universe” How can we tell what’s right?


Photo description activity

  1. Open the app “photo booth” on your ipad.
  2. Select one effect that may work in order to take a photograph that includes both, a convex and concave effect.
  3. Write down a 50-70 word photo description including at least 1 sentence with 3 adjectives in sequential order. Refer to the picture below.
  4. Post your photo description and photograph on this padlet


The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (John Boyne)

Before we start reading… let’s watch a video of the place where the novel is set… “Auschwitz”

Now, watch the following video and take note of at least 5 facts. Then, answer the questions below:


1. What did the students expect before going to Auschwitz?
2. Why do the words on the gates are considered a lie?
3. What did it mean to be sent to Block 11?
4. Why was there an “execution wall”?
5. What was the conclusion that the girl reached?.
Expected Facts:
1. Place of sadness; Horrible things happened there; A nightmare.
2. “Work makes you free” was said to the prisoners to force them to work.
3. (Punishment cells/ Isolation rooms) In Block 11, prisoners were left alone to starve or to die.
4. Unfit-to-work prisoners were killed at the execution wall.
5. Auschwitz shows there is no humanity in humanity.

Reading section: Chapter 1 and 2

Kahoot quiz here

Writing activity: Descriptive essay

Keystone p. 17 – Practice (adapted)

Write a 70-100-word descriptive essay about a character you know from a story, series, movie or TV show. Give details that describe the character’s physical traits and character traits. Before you write, list your ideas in a T-chart. When you use more than one adjective to describe a noun, make sure that the adjectives are in the correct order. Try to use vocabulary words you learned in this lesson in your paragraph.

Use at least 5 connectors.

Divide in 5 paragraphs.


Descriptive essay

Writing: “Descriptive Essay”

What is a descriptive essay?

How does a descriptive essay look like?

This is how you should divide the information on your descriptive essay:

Or… if you prefer… like this:

In order to plan your opinion essay you have to use the following template:

Geri Keams: The author of “Grandmother spider brings the sun”

1.- Watch the following video and take note of at least 5 facts that appear in it.

2.- Brainstorm your notes with your teacher and answer the following questions on your copybook.

  1. What did Geri’s grandmother use to do?
  2. What are most of her stories about?
  3. In what famous movie did she participate and what did she do there?
  4. What are most native american tales about?
  5. Why are stories important for her?